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Thu, Jun. 9th, 2005, 09:02 pm

I was talking to Christie today ^_^ I wanted to ask her what Music Technology AS is like, because I'm thinking of dropping Media and taking it instead. (Well I'm definately dropping Media, it's just a question of what to replace it with...) And she said it was a good course. It's not based on your own compositions for year 1, but that doesn't bother me because you still learn how to use recording equipment (College has a "state of the art" recording studio)

And then I randomly said I wanted to be in a band, and she did too! And we were joking about it. And then we decided to form a band called "Lady Man Band" which we started saying at really high pitches >_< *dork* lol
But when Haylz comes to live with me, something might happen ^_^ Christie's a guitarist and programmer (whooo Blam Honey ness) And then Miiol and Shazz want to be in it, and I think Kia although she's all very far away :S But still, whatever happens should be cool ^^

In other news, I'm totally addicted to La'Mule today! XD