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Mon, Jul. 18th, 2005, 04:03 am

^_^ So, since the CDs came I've been neglecting my own music... but I just got back in the swing!

I've worked on Stung! It's changed from a fairly experimental and... wierd sounding bass part, to 2 bass parts and a drum part, and it sounds a lot better now. A lot more... disciplined? Anyway, not as crappy. I just need a vocal part.
I finished writing the tune for The Perfect Murder (before, that was only a theme too, but it wasn't as out there as Stung. It could stand on it's own) and then I wrote lyrics for it! Yey!

We were so perfect together, like it was always meant to be.
Who would have guessed such love could end in tragedy?
That night, you told me you didn’t want to live anymore.
I thought that you were joking, and told you to shut your jaw.
You seemed so blank back then, not like a person at all.
Where did our love end? And how did we fall?
It’s like I didn’t know you, I guess I never knew how special you were.
And when you ran and left me, my memory of your face was just a blur…

I caused you pain… I needed you to remind me you’re a king who should be served.
I’m so sorry… how could I be so blind? You were much more than I deserved.

The perfect murder, is when no one knows there’s been a murder at all.
What if I drove you to suicide? I’d be the cause of your downfall…
Because you weren‘t appreciated enough, the perfect murderer could be,
The one who screwed you over. The perfect murderer would be me.
So I tried to find you, running into the night.
Crying a million tears for how I caused your heart to blight…
And then I see your silhouette, standing by a tree.
I reach out a trembling hand, hoping you’ll forgive me.

I caused you pain… I needed you to remind me you’re a king who should be served.
I’m so sorry… how could I be so blind? You were much more than I deserved.
Here we are now. Everything on the line, I can’t live without you near.
Please don’t die before I get a chance to say you are the reason that I‘m here.

You turn around, mouth trembling as it cries. Your face is teary; there’s no life behind your eyes.
I look down and see a gun in your hand. You raise it to your mouth, trembling where you stand.
Now in a panic, I confess that I was wrong. But I can see in your face that my chance has gone.
But I can’t give up, you’re to wonderful to loose. So I reach out and…


And as you might have guessed, the song ends with a gunshot. It's supposed to be uber dark, and really sad. I know you don't know what it's like with music, but do you think the lyrics achieved that at all? o,0

As far as lyrics go, I now only have to do

Akai Kodou no Nazi Bishounen (half done!)
Pharos (Chorus done!)

and then Archangel Sodomy is done! wee ~ Although I'm definately redoing some bits of 7deadly...

And that's how things are looking! I've got lots of drum parts to write though. [Naos] ton pornon, Stung and Lezviya (super hard one!) are the only one's I've done. I've got bits of others... but meh ^^

Mon, Jul. 18th, 2005 07:41 pm (UTC)

^^ Thankies! I'm just glad I'm nearly done! he he