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Archangel Sodomy
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Welcome to archangelsodomy, the comunity for Ikara's music! It's not really a fancom though, as Ikra is me, the moderator :p

You can reach me at onyx_sodomy if you have any questions about the comunity, my music or if you want to add me ^^

As for the history of my music, I havn't been in any bands that have produced music. But I have been in bands that formed, but never happened. The first was Xtreme in 1988, then Iodiney from 2003~2004 and Opium in 2004.
Apart from that, I've always been writing music. Not that I would infect the internet with the crap I was writing in year 5 >_<

At the moment I am working on my album Archangel Sodomy. I am heavily influenced by Jrock, although I have no idea if people will tell from the music. It might seem different, or horribly fangirly! I'm bad at juging it myself so you'll just have to wait and see.

There are some MP3s of my music out there, mostly just backing music or just playing bass with nothing else, but you have to be a close friend to get all of them (of which there are few)
Hopefully though, soon I will produce some more, and once it's copywrighted, I can put it up for the general public! XD